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Gasoline and Propane Fuel Storage Area

It is disaster time and you need to use your generator and you need to use gasoline for it or other type of fuels. Where do I store the fuel? How much can I store in my house or building? will it be safe? What do I do with all the fuel i need for 3 to 5 days of no power?

Solution is an easy one if you have been in the military, think back to when you were in the field and they had you build a fuel bunker or storage area. 

Yes that is the best, safest solution for you and your family.

Most areas by code wont let you store more than 5 gallons of gas in your garage or shed, we all do it and store more then that at times, and then add a few 20 lb tanks of propane for the gas grill, and now we have a ticking time bomb. To solve this issue we move all the gasoline and propane out to its own custom made fuel storage facility.

The fuel bunker shown below is made from concrete blocks, rebar and steel roofing.

The fuel bunker is 4 feel wide and 6 feel long and 50 inches high and has a locking door 30 inches wide.

Walls consist of 8x16 blocks with concrete and rebar. The 4 corner post are 4x4 pressure treated wood inside recycled plastic for protection. and the roof cross members are 2x 4 recycles lumber secured  inside the corner concrete holes and rebar and then bolted and screwed in with 6 inch screws.

The roof is steel hurricane shutters cut to match the length of the building with about a 1 -2 inch over hang, bolted down in about 20 places. Sand bags can be added top the roof to stop metal if there is an explosion.

Above all - secure your fuel outdoors, either locked with chain and lock or a locked ventilated door. Fuel Bunker should be 25 feet from the building

Photos of a well secured Gasoline and propane facility -
courtesy of Linda Carter

8x16 concrete block walls with locked gate and steel roof for storage of 60-80 gallons of gasoline and 3 20 lb propane tanks Angle view, Ventilated and secured steel roof. Angle view, Ventilated and secured steel roof.
Above all keep fuel ventilated and locked so it can not walk if it wanted it .