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Your one stop shop of information for seniors and persons with disabilities for Hurricanes and Disasters

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NewOxygen / Respiratory Users Disaster Planning Website
(A must read for all Respiratory Individuals with Respiratory Issues)

NPLB Hurricane Disaster Brochure

Read the Prescription Refills during an Emergency so that you understand how you get Prescription Refills during an Emergency. (Is is a must read)

New Please check out the  NEW SOLAR Power Scooter Developed by and for Disaster Preparedness - by No Person Left Behind

New Please read our NPLB Assistance Guide on how to order publications for your class. You will need to order publications 60 days prior to your class.

New Family Hurricane & Disaster Planning Kit Adobe PDF Document Logo  pdf format
- please fill out online and then print for your files, to be used during a Hurricane or Disaster.

New FEMA Publications that you may download and to read or print.
All of these items are free for your use. YOU may take and print them to pass out to anyone you wish.